Work in progress


  • Knowledge Diffusion and the Patent System: Evidence from the Invention Secrecy Act (with G. de Rassenfosse and G. Pellegrino, R&R). [Link to the working paper]

  • Discrimination in the Patent System: Evidence from Standard-Essential Patents (with G. de Rassenfosse and R. Bekkers). [Link to the working paper]

  • Buyers' Workload and R\&D Procurement Outcomes: Evidence from the US Air Force Research Lab (with L.M. Giuffrida). [Link to the working paper]

In preparation:

  • The commercialization of DoD-SBIR patents: A counterfactual analysis (with C. Bottai and G. de Rassenfosse).

  • Government-sponsored research and technical standards: Evidence from standard-essential patents (with C. Bottai and R. Bekkers).

  • The prevalence of NIH-funded research in commercial products (with G. de Rassenfosse).

  • Technology diffusion and market inefficiencies: Tensions between standardization and a competitive market (with S. Rosero and R. Bekkers).